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Thoughts on Bible Memory Work

We’re a few weeks into our latest attempt at regular copywork. Like I said in my previous post, we are each picking one verse from the Sunday Mass readings and writing it every day for that week. Each person picks the verse that most stood out to them. In practice, for my reluctant writers, this […]

10 11 Things I’m Thankful For Today

Because our minds are trained to notice the bad rather than the good unless we train them otherwise. And being grateful for the simple basic things is just as important as remembering to thank God for great blessings granted. So, today I’m thankful for: Sunshine Good health Happy children A loving marriage Freedom to homeschool […]

Towards a More Functional Schoolroom – Part 1

The Problems: This might not be an exhaustive list, but they’re the main ones, or at least the most obvious. Desk gets too cluttered with homeless items that don’t belong there. Stuff gets left out rather than being promptly put away. Need a solution for different types of paper – kids’ original projects, kids’ projects […]

Our Schoolroom Needs Some Love

We have a room designated as our schoolroom, but we almost never use it. It’s a great space, with lots of good reasons why we should be using it. South facing windows give us lots of natural light. It’s lined with bookshelves, and all our nonfiction books are available for easy reference or just dipping […]

The Case For Copywork

It’s no secret that I tend towards unschooling as my philosophy of education. I think learning is best when it’s internally motivated, and that forced learning is little better, in the long term, than no learning at all. How many things did you learn in school because it was what you were assigned to learn? […]

Books, Books, Books!

Today was the annual used book sale at our church. I love used book sales. I should probably rephrase that — I have a used book sale problem! Or maybe just a used book problem – it hits me at flea markets and yard sales too. It’s just really hard to pass up books when […]

Allergies, Meltdowns, and the GAPS Diet

So last post I talked about all the changes we made to our schedule, and how that’s changed since I last posted. Today I want to tell you about some of the other challenges we’ve been facing and what we’ve been trying to do about them. So, the biggest challenge we’ve faced from the beginning […]