What We’ve Been Doing During my Blogging Hiatus

I realized that my last couple of posts didn’t really address anything about the six months of silence on this blog, and I decided I should probably post an update of where we are now compared to where we were when I last posted.

We started the fall with a schedule that was insanely busy. In addition to keeping up our academic studies, we were doing karate twice a week, archery once a week, P.E. at the Y twice a week, joined a new music and drama group that met once a week and had a performance at the end of the term, joined a new Charlotte Mason co-op that met every other week, and to top it all off, Mega (my oldest) started speech therapy to correct some difficulties with his enunciation. In addition, in the evenings were Bible study once a week, and then parish council and other meetings for either me or my husband a few times a month.

We only managed that schedule for a month.

Speech therapy is showing good results and we are still in it, although we are progressing towards graduating from it. We love our new co-op and are sticking with it for the foreseeable future. We did music and drama for the semester, and while most of the kids liked it, they didn’t love it enough to keep doing it for the rest of the year. P.E. kept changing their schedules around, so we went in the months that worked for us, then stopped when flu season started to ramp up. We’ll probably pick that back up in April, but only once a week rather than twice.

Karate was the area of biggest struggle for us. Mega and I both love it and are really committed to it. The younger boys are rather less interested. Meanwhile, four year old Blue, who is too young to participate, loves being there and would often wander onto the floor, and I’d have to stop what I was doing to get her back where she was supposed to be. Then our dojo decided that the class we were in was too small to be profitable, and so they wanted us to move to a different one. The new time happened to put us at the end of our busiest day – one where we had already done archery, music and drama, and often where I had to attend a parish council meeting at class time. This led to a highly stressful situation where I was forcing unmotivated kids to go to an activity that only one of them wanted to be at. After a month of that, we decided that taking a break from it was our best option while we regrouped and figured out a better schedule. We ended up pausing karate for that whole semester.

In January, Mega and I went back to it, but at a class time that was later in the evening so my husband could watch the other kids and they could stay home. This has worked well, although it does mean I had to drop my weekly Bible study, and I miss that. Karate does help both my body and mind, though, and it gives me one-on-one time with my oldest, something we don’t get a lot of other opportunities for. I also still hope to get the younger kids back into it at some point, but not until the end of this semester at the earliest. If I can figure out a way to get a daytime Bible study going, my own schedule would be all set!

That’s scheduling. I guess I’ll talk about everything else in my next post.

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