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Our Schoolroom Needs Some Love

We have a room designated as our schoolroom, but we almost never use it. It’s a great space, with lots of good reasons why we should be using it. South facing windows give us lots of natural light. It’s lined with bookshelves, and all our nonfiction books are available for easy reference or just dipping […]

Allergies, Meltdowns, and the GAPS Diet

So last post I talked about all the changes we made to our schedule, and how that’s changed since I last posted. Today I want to tell you about some of the other challenges we’ve been facing and what we’ve been trying to do about them. So, the biggest challenge we’ve faced from the beginning […]

What We’ve Been Doing During my Blogging Hiatus

I realized that my last couple of posts didn’t really address anything about the six months of silence on this blog, and I decided I should probably post an update of where we are now compared to where we were when I last posted. We started the fall with a schedule that was insanely busy. […]

Interval Planning and the Liturgical Year

Mystie Winckler’s Simply Convivial blog was where I first discovered the concept of interval planning for homeschooling and general planning. In a nutshell, the concept is that you divide up your school year into manageable chunks of time, say 6-8 weeks. Then you plan one chunk at a time. This lets you plan out on […]

Bridging the Gap

Yesterday, I told you about my struggles with the tension between my eternal nature that wants to focus on transcendent things, and my carnal nature that wants things like regular meals, and a comfortable bed. And perhaps because of original sin, that second voice is a lot louder and harder to ignore than the first […]

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Why We Don’t Do What We Want To

Yesterday I was elated about the fact that we are souls made to enjoy eternity with God – we are meant to contemplate truth, goodness, and beauty, and do so forever. We climb up the mountain and see God revealed in his glory, and we are filled with awe and wonder and life is magnificent. […]