Books, Books, Books!

Today was the annual used book sale at our church.

I love used book sales. I should probably rephrase that — I have a used book sale problem! Or maybe just a used book problem – it hits me at flea markets and yard sales too. It’s just really hard to pass up books when they’re at these insanely low prices. Seriously, 50c for any paperback?

Even when I go to the IHM convention every year, the first vendor I always hit is the used book section from Seton – but those are still used-textbook prices, so I do have a little bit more restraint there. This morning I was able to pick up one of the apologetics books by Fr. Laux, something I’ve eyed at the Seton sales several times, for 50c. Score for me!

I love sales like these because even the most expensive items are well below my pain threshold for purchases. For used books, this threshold seems to be about $3.

I’ve often joked that if I would be that stupid protagonist in a horror movie. The one who found a used book on sale with big warning signs all over it that it was cursed. Everyone who’s ever read it has died within a week. I’d be the one who says, “I know, but it’s on sale for $1.99! How could I not buy it?”

Of course, reading all these used books is another story. I have such a big backlog of unread books that it will take me years to read them all. Homeschooling is my bad excuse for being willing to buy more despite this – if the kids become interested in a topic, I want to have books on hand they can consult. And I want an extensive library of classics for when they are ready to read them.

Meanwhile, my house kind of looks like this…

I’m getting better, though – I didn’t even glance at the fiction section this time. I have enough casual fiction books I haven’t read yet, and I need to finish those and donate them before I buy new ones.

Do you love used books like I do? Do you have any strategies for book sales to keep you from ending up with too many books you don’t need? Can you actually have too many books? (If you think so, you’re not welcome here! Kidding! Kidding! )

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